Nohma Leather Belts are USA Made from the finest full grain leather hides.

This results in a strong belt that will never crack apart, or break. If it does, send it back and we will replace it with the original size ordered no questions asked for 10 years.

Warranty only covers items purchased directly from Nohma Leather website.

Wholesale and third-party purchases are not covered under warranty.



What is covered under the warranty?

This warranty covers product material and construction under intended wear and use. Our leather belts are intended to be worn with pants and to hold appropriate gear, such as holsters and various utility equipment specifically meant for attaching to belts. Accidents such as chemical spills, animals chewing on the belt and damage caused by misuse are not covered and will render the warranty void.

In some cases, we will require an upgrade to a heavier duty belt if the original one you have is not sturdy enough for your use.

My belt didn't stay straight. Is this covered?

All belts will curve and mold to your body and this is expected and actually desired for the most comfortable fit. This is not a defect so is not a warranty issue.

My belt lost a screw or my buckle broke. How is that covered?

Buckles and screws are covered for breakage or failure and since these parts are easily user replaceable replacements will be sent no charge for the user to replace. If you repeatedly have screws coming loose a couple drops of clear nail polish on the threads before installing will act as a low-level loctite and prevent future loss. Cosmetics are not covered on hardware.

I stored my belt in the basement and it's wet and moldy?

Full grain leather is not intended to be exposed to water for prolonged periods of time. Although you can wear your belt in all types of weather if it gets repeatedly soaked and dried it will become damaged. If your belt has been subjected to excessive water or improper storage in damp areas it voids the warranty. 

I lost 100 lbs. Does the warranty cover that?

Congratulations on your weight loss! As much as we would like to we can't be responsible for weight gain or loss. The warranty covers the belt in the original size purchased only. 

If I punch holes in the belt does it void the warranty?

Yes, any alteration to the belt will void the warranty.

Are belt buckles covered under the warranty?

Absolutely! Belt buckles are covered for failure and breakage and are user replaceable.
All belt buckles with finishes or plating, however, will eventually show signs of wear so cosmetics are not covered.

Warranty terms and conditions are subject to change and update.